Opening Hours

The Macari Centre is open every day of the year, including Christmas Day (this includes accepting new customers, where capacity allows).

The Centre is open 24 hours – residents are required to be in the Centre by 10pm every night.

It is expected that some customers may have standing commitments that mean they cannot be back by 10pm (such as family visits), and these late entries can be permitted by prior arrangement.


Customers staying at the Macari Centre are provided with a bed in one of our comfortable pods.

Each pod has heating, a bed, storage, and a television.

All bedding is provided by the Centre.

The minimum age for customers is 18, with no upper age limit.


Personal documents and items of a more sensitive nature may also be kept in the Centre office for safekeeping.

Bathroom Facilities

The Macari Centre has a number of washrooms, showers and toilets.

These are available 24/7 and residents are required to keep these in a clean and usable condition.

All essential toiletries are provided by the Centre, including towels.


Washing machines, washing powders, tumble dryers and drying facilities are also available on-site.

Residents are responsible for their own washing.

Communal Areas

A communal lounge area is provided for all customers to use, with TV, DVD player and sound system.

The Centre has Wi-Fi connection, available without charge to all residents with fair and responsible usage guidelines in place.

A Centre laptop is also available for residents, with usage encouraged for the purposes of seeking support, employment and learning new skills.

Licence Agreement

You can view our Licence Agreement here.