Admissions Procedure

The Macari Centre welcomes anyone in need of short to medium-term accommodation, including those with immediate and urgent need for shelter.

Like the rest of the UK, there are many people in Stoke-on-Trent and wider Staffordshire area who are homeless and in need of a safe, secure place to call home for a short period of time.

The Centre is able to accept both self-referrals and people referred by other agencies.

Anyone presenting at the Regent Road Centre for the first time will undergo an initial assessment by Macari Centre staff. Although this is a relatively informal conversation, staff are required to gather as much information as possible to determine suitability and grant accommodation. This will include:

  • Full Name – with, if possible, accompanying proof of identification (passport, driving licence or national insurance documentation)
  • Any next of kin and/or family information
  • Area(s) of residence within the last six months
  • Any connections to the local area (Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire Moor and South Staffordshire)
  • Last residential address
  • Current GP Practice registered with
  • Any prescribed medication currently being taken

For the safeguarding of our staff and other residents, we shall also ask about any current or previous criminal charges and convictions.

To aid us better assess the person presenting, we will also ask about any drug or substance use, including alcohol consumption.

At the Macari Centre, we are always open and honest with our customers and ask them – and any persons presenting for the first time – to be equally honest in return.

We fully respect the privacy of all our customers and wish to assure anyone presenting at the Macari Centre that this information is requested solely with the intention of providing the best support we can offer.

The information will not be disclosed outside of approved Macari Centre personnel. It may be shared with external agencies at appropriate times in the future, but only with the permission of the customer.

Assuming that this initial review is satisfactory, accommodation shall be provided if available and deemed appropriate for the person(s) presenting.