Macari Centre Rules

The Macari Centre Street Retreat is intended to be a safe facility for customers, where they can benefit from the secure environment without fear or discrimination.

Customers staying at the Macari Centre Street Retreat in Hanley are required to be respectful to other customers, Macari Foundation staff and visitors to the Centre.

Violent, abusive and aggressive behaviour, racism and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated. Any persons found to be breaching this may have their tenancy at the Macari Centre terminated.

The Macari Foundation (the ‘Agent’) issue the following rules, which all customers staying at the Macari Centre (the ‘dwelling’) are required to abide by:

1. The use of the dwelling for residential purposes as the Licensee’s only home and not to operate a business at the dwelling, nor to use the dwelling for any illegal purposes.

2. Customers are not permitted to smoke in the building or anywhere on the premises. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.

3. Customers must not bring, or take / consume or deal any illegal substances within the premises.

4. Customers must not deliberately cause nuisance.

5. Customers must not commit any form of harassment, which interferes with the peace, comfort of, or causes offence to others.

6. Customers must not commit any act which results in serious disruption of another licensee’s right to peaceful occupation or to commit any act that results in harm to others.

7. Customers must not have any material (printed or electronic) on the dwelling that is pornographic or may cause offence to others.

8. Animals / pets are not permitted onto or to be kept at the dwelling without written consent from authorised Macari Foundation personnel.

9. Customers are required to help keep the dwelling clean and tidy and in good condition.

10. Customers must not remove or make any alteration to the dwelling or any fixtures and fittings provided, or to use any heating other than that provided.

11. Customers are requested to report promptly any disrepair or defect to and in the property.

12. Customers must allow access to the agent’s staff or their representatives in order to provide services as detailed in this agreement.

13. Customers must give the agent vacant possession when leaving and to remove all personal possessions and rubbish, and leave the dwelling and the fixtures and fittings in good lettable condition and repair. The agent accepts no responsibility for anything left at the dwelling by the Licensee at the end of the Licence.

14. Customers must comply with any health and safety or fire instructions given by the agent and not to engage in conduct that is likely to endanger the health and safety of staff or other licensees.

15. Customers must agree to engage with relevant agencies that will visit the centre on a daily basis.


These rules are subject to review and alteration without notice. They are compiled in order to help the Macari Foundation operate a facility which is fair to all customers and discourages behaviour which may jeopardise the ongoing operation of the Centre.

Any customer or their advocate wishing to discuss these rules in further detail may request a meeting with a member of the Macari Foundation management team for such purpose.