Drug and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol and drugs (other than for prescribed medical conditions) must not be consumed/used on any Macari Foundation premises (including the Macari Centre Street Retreat) by any customer, member of staff, visitors or persons working at the Centre as a volunteer.

Customers presenting at the Centre who are under the influence of alcohol or drug misuse may be refused entry. Should consumption of drugs and/or alcohol lead to anti-social or violent behaviour, then staff at the Macari Centre may be required to inform the Police and seek their intervention.

Staff and volunteers should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when coming into the Macari Centre.

For employed staff, such an occurrence would mean they are not permitted to work for the Macari Foundation for at least the next 24 hours and the incident will be considered a disciplinary matter.

Any customers found drinking alcohol on the premises or within the adjacent compound will be asked to leave immediately, and their return only permitted once they are no longer under the influence.

If customers are found taking drugs on the premises they will be asked to leave the Centre and their return will be subject to assurances regarding future conduct.

Anyone found dealing drugs within or close to the Macari Centre will be asked to leave the service immediately and the Police will be informed.

Volunteers who suspect that someone is violating this policy are required to alert the staff immediately.

Volunteers found consuming drugs or alcohol whilst on shift will be asked to leave as will those arriving under the influence and will be reminded that these actions will jeopardise any future volunteering at the Macari Centre.