Licence Agreement for the Macari Centre

The Macari Centre (hereafter “The Agent”) operates an equal opportunities policy and customers will not be unreasonably discriminated against.

The dwelling, which is the subject of this licence, is held by or on behalf of a charity, which is an exempt charity.

Address of the dwelling;

Macari Centre

Unit 4

Regent Road


Stoke-on-Trent ST1 3BX

The Agent agrees to:

Allow the Licensee to occupy the dwelling without exclusive possession and receive services detailed in this agreement.

For the duration of the Licence not to interfere with the Licensee’s occupation of the dwelling other than when:

(a)  Access is required for the purpose of providing services which are detailed in Schedule 3 of this agreement;

(b)  Access is required to inspect the condition of the dwelling or to carry out repairs or other works to the dwelling or adjoining property;

(c)  The Licence is brought to an end under the terms of this agreement as outlined in Schedule 2.

Repairs and Maintenance

To keep in good repair, the structure, exterior of the dwelling, space, and water, heating and sanitation, and to ensure the supply of water, gas and electricity, in line with the landlord’s maintenance policy.

Keep in reasonable repair and fit for use items supplied.