Our Vision and Values

The Macari Foundation envisions a city where no one is homeless and all individuals can access the support they need to steady their lives and reach their potential.

We accept and value diversity in all people, and are committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all.

Our Mission Statement

To realise this vision, the Macari Foundation strives to:

  • provide a welcoming environment, where all individuals feel valued;
  • train staff and volunteers to engage with guests and form professional relationships;
  • use these relationships to promote growth in guests’ self esteem, confidence and aspirations;
  • provide information, support and, where necessary, practical help that will empower people to make and act on informed choices arrived at by themselves;
  • provide activities within the centre which are likely to enhance guests’ skills, sense of self-worth and motivation, as a first step towards changing their lives;
  • Encourage and empower guests to become involved in the running of the centre, and in forums designed to give guests a voice;
  • Promote the needs of homeless and marginalised people locally by means of high quality PR, thereby helping to reduce discrimination towards them and influencing the local community to become more supportive and less judgmental.