Social Media Policy

The social media accounts of the Macari Foundation (including the Macari Centre) have been established to further communicate information about the organisation’s areas of general interest.

All of our accounts are fully in the public domain and unrestricted, with all the content suitable for social media users of all ages.

The social media accounts are managed by personnel from the Macari Foundation, including people working at the Macari Centre Street Retreat.

All of our posts on social media are created or curated by us and we do not use any automation to post content or otherwise engage social network users.

Where our posts are curated, we shall always endeavour to credit their original source. The Macari Foundation are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of information communicated through curated posts, and no assumptions should be made with regard to their statements or claims.

We would be delighted for you to follow our social media presence.

If you do follow any or all of our accounts, you can expect us to post regular content covering the following areas of interest:
• Alerts about new content or articles on our website
• Events that we are organising, hosting or attending
• Comment, sharing of and links to issues relevant to our work
• Comment, sharing of and links to issues relevant to work of associate businesses and organisations
• Links to stories or images that are of personal interest to key people within our business
• News, alerts and stories which may be of general interest.

The Macari Foundation do not automatically follow back new followers. Our resources are limited and therefore we are only able to review our follower list on an ad-hoc basis. We may follow back accounts that aren’t spam. Please note that being followed back, or being retweeted by the Macari Foundation, does not imply endorsement of services, products or opinions.

The Macari Foundation will update and monitor our social media accounts during office hours (normally 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday). Occasionally this may extend to evening and weekends, but this is the exception rather than the norm.

Please understand that our social media accounts are not being monitored full time, even during the hours stated above, so please bear with us if we are not able to respond in a timely manner.

There will be occasions where our social media accounts are unavailable or unattended and the Macari Foundation can accept no responsibility for lack of service or responses to in-bound communications at any time.

Replies, Comments and Direct Messages
The Macari Foundation welcome engagement from all our followers on social networks and shall, whenever possible, endeavour to join the conversation. There will be occasions where conversations are better furthered offline (either on the telephone or in person) or via email; should such a circumstance arise then the Macari Foundation shall provide information necessary to facilitate the discussions further.

The Macari Foundation welcome engagement via social media and this may, at times, include complaints if our levels of service have not met the required standard.

If a complainant wishes to discuss a specific issue then we please ask that this be directed in the first instance to the duty manager at the Macari Centre and we shall endeavour to resolve the matter swiftly and as productively as possible.

If a complaint should arise due to a post made on any of our social media accounts, please send details of the posting (DATE / TIME / SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL) and any comments you may have to

We will act on this in the first instance, removing the post until assessment can be made, and informing you of our findings and any subsequent actions.